Greg Wood Wins Jury Trial Defending Tax Preparer

In the San Francisco case, the former client of the CPA firm alleged that the CPA miscalculated his K1. The claim was that this hurt him because, when he separated from the partnership, what he was due was in-part based on his capital account, which his K1 showed was less than what be alleged it should be.

Greg Wood and the attorneys at Wood Litigation, APC marshaled evidence in the CPA's favor showing a lack of causation between what the CPA was alleged to have done and the plaintiff's damages. Mr. Wood destroyed plaintiff's expert, leading to Greg successfully eliminating 1.2 million dollars in damages. Greg secured a favorable jury verdict, far lwss than what plaintiff was demanding in settlement negotiations, and through post-trial motions got the jury verdict vacated entirely, and a defense verdict in its place.

If you are a tax preparer facing claims of malpractice, you must have an attorney by your side who knows what standards CPAs have to adhere to and who knows how to downsize cases before and after trial. Greg is one of those attorneys.

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