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Protecting Shareholder Rights in the Bay Area

Publicly traded companies have a legal obligation to make every effort to transparently facilitate a healthy rate of return for shareholders. This means that directors and officers of a publicly traded company must act in the best interests of the business, including its shareholders and investors. If shareholders believe that executives are breaching their duty to the company or are engaging in unlawful misconduct, it may become necessary to consider pursuing legal action.

Our San Francisco shareholder litigation lawyers can help investors explore the full breadth of their legal options when directors and offers fail to fulfill their responsibilities to a business. We also represent companies and individual executives in defending against these types of claims. Our team at Wood Litigation, APC has over two decades of collective legal experience and regularly secures favorable outcomes for clients in high-value disputes. We understand how these cases are adjudicated in California and can provide you with the knowledgeable guidance and straightforward advice you need to advance your claims or defenses.

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