The Right Contingency Fee Case

Different law firms take different approaches when it comes to contingency fee cases. Some personal injury firms, for example, take cases on a contingency fee basis and do the minimum amount of work required in hopes of getting a quick settlement. Other firms specialize in prosecuting large product liability and toxic tort class actions, and invest a significant amount of time and capital in hopes of securing a newsworthy award. Some firms do not take cases on a contingency fee basis ever, while others entertain a hybrid hourly-contingency arrangement.

Wood Litigation typically represents businesses and high-net worth individuals on an hourly basis, on both the plaintiff and defense side. The firm does take contingency fee cases though, if it is a good fit for the firm and the client alike.

The right contingency fee case for us will have considerable value (in the seven to nine figure range) and involve business torts. It helps if the case has a touch of thrill. A good example of a contingency fee case that WLAPC attorneys took on was a case in which founders of a successful digital media company were forced out by the company's angel investor, just before the company enjoyed hockey stick growth. We sued the investor and his henchmen for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. After months of tough litigating against Latham, we secured a life-changing settlement for our clients. Disclaimer: Results in one case are not a guarantee of the same results in another. The case was especially rewarding because the investor was a renowned jerk.

If you or someone you know has suffered significant economic loss because of another’s fraud, breach of trust, professional neglect, defamatory statements or interference with prospective business opportunities, you are invited to contact us. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

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